Virtual server

Service: Virtual server. Duplicated in two geographically independent data centres. Implemented on the NetApp platform, which supports flash memory and clustering for improved efficiency and flexibility of IT resources, on the server farm of HP Blade servers and commutation system consisting of Cisco Nexus commutators.

NetApp® data storage platforms have record-holding characteristics: performance improvement by 80%, increase of disc storage space by 100%, continuity of operations and the highest efficiency of data storage systems in the industry. This means that you will not have to choose between performance and cost.

Data protection in the EU territory

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it is more and more important for companies to protect and manage critical business data. To ensure this, Telenet uses and offers Data protection tools in their solutions.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a popular IT infrastructure use model. Part of the IT infrastructure is located in the customer’s private office / in an external Data Processing Centre; whereas the other part is used from Telenet corporate cloud.

Using hybrid clouds, organisations can have better control over their confidential data – store confidential data in a private cloud or a local data processing centre while using secure calculation resources of a manageable public cloud.

Data migration

Reduce downtime with safe and secure data migration from your IT solution to the IT systems of Telenet data centres.

Data backup and disaster recovery (DraaS)

Telenet experts will help with an optimal solution using safe and tested EMC Avamar and other solutions. With our help, our customers have achieved a stable predictable business.

Professional technical support 24/7

High-level service is available to you with SLA (service-level agreement) escalation and decreased RTO (recovery time objective); an opportunity to involve high-level experts for maintaining uninterrupted service 24/7.


In accordance with your business needs. We will build an important business tool to help satisfy the needs of your clients. Telenet will not only design, but also build the necessary infrastructure for providing the service to the highest standards.

Internet and data transmission; Fibre-optic infrastructure lease

Internet for Business

Telenet is currently one of the largest Internet providers in the Baltic region, 180 Gbit/s, which is why we can provide our clients with stabile connections with low delay and stable reservation (SLA) opportunities. Fibre-optic infrastructure will ensure an excellent and safe working environment.


Using the L2 connection technology, you can create a secure infrastructure tailored specifically for your services in Latvia and in Europe, using our private and partner infrastructure.


Secure private Internet network designed ONLY FOR YOU with high protection levels from external threats.

Protection against DDoS attacks

We will ensure continuous operation of your business with protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) selected from experience specifically
for your business. DDoS uses high volumes of data flow, which can threaten your solution.

Call centre

18 years of experience in international creation and maintenance of telephony and call centre solutions. Together with our experts we will install and create Call centre and telephony solutions, taking into account the specific nature of the Client’s industry and company requirements.

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