Internet + Interactive television

Everything you need to relax. Great speed and interactive television possibilities.

Price from 17.00 €

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*The discount is applied to the first 3 (three) months. Installation fee EUR 0.00. Minimum duration of the contract is 24 (twenty-four) months. A router (Netis WF2780) is provided for free for use. After the end of the minimum duration of the contract the router becomes the property of the Customer. The offer is valid in TELENET network coverage area from 01.06.2018 until 1.09.2018. The offer is available for new clients only (natural persons) or former clients who cancelled TELENET services until 01.05.2018. All prices include VAT 21%.
After 3 months, the standard long-term prices come into force: Internet 100Mbit/s. + TV100 17 EUR/per month., Internet 300Mbit/s. + TV100 19 EUR/per month.

Internet + Home phone

In addition you can connect a new one or switch the existing home (landline) telephone number.

Price from 11.00 €

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Internet + Interactive TV + Home phone

Everything you need to relax.

Price from 17.00 €

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