Our Values

Briefly about why we go to work with pleasure every morning.


We use the latest technologies and equipment that meets the most up-to-date standards.

Attention to the customer

We solve any problem or demand of our client as quickly as possible and in the most convenient way for the customer.


Thanks to the team’s cosolidated work, we could become who we are now.

Our services


Appriciate all the advantages of a provider that works without loss and interruptions, with great speed and service.

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Telenet interactive television is not only a high quality image but also an opportunity to watch your favorite shows at your convenient time!

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Use all services together. It is profitable and convenient: one bill, one provider.

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Check the availability of services at your address.

*The discount is given during the first 6 months of use. Duration of the agreement is 12 (twelve) months. The offer is valid for the Telenet network coverage from 1/05/2018 to 31/05/2018. The offer is only available to new customers (natural persons) or customers who have opted out of Telenet services until 01/04/2018.